Polka Dot Computers was originally conceived in the Summer of 2005 after our co-founder and chief technician heard some stories about the extortionate amount of money some other local IT organisations were charging for, frankly, poor services. One instance was a person whose machine was wrongly diagnosed as having a fault with the motherboard, so the motherboard was replaced, the machine still didnít work the company then re-installed the operating system, the correct thing to do in the first place, but they put an older version of Windows than was originally there on the PC, then charged the poor customer over £200 in labour alone.

So the idea came about to start a business with a few competent people who could visit customers in their homes, diagnose and in most cases, repair problems as the customer looks on, so no time wasting and no exaggerating the amount of time these jobs take . The main aim of our business is value for money, we have researched almost all other Leicester based IT organisations and found that the average labour cost is about £25 per hour, this is simply too much. We weighed up everything involved and decided that we could offer a service from only £10 per hour.

As ideas were passed around we decided to bring in a digital artist, website developer and database designer/manager. As luck would have it we found an immensely skilled person who covered all of these bases. This now allows us to offer specially commissioned digital art from your own photographs, logo and website design, image restoration and database creation.

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